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Cespedes Speculation: Red Sox, Marlins, Contract Expectations

UPDATE 4:36PM EST: As reported by Ken Rosenthal via twitter, Yoenis Cespedes is expected to establish residency in the Domincan Republic between November 25th-30th, shortly after which he should be declared a free agent. Start your engines, fellas.

The phenomenon of Yoenis Cespedes has barely started, and with essentially every team with a pulse at least willing to give him a work out and entertain the idea of bringing him in, there's no shortage of "what will it take to bring Cespedes to our club?"

Rumors are putting his asking price north of $60M over 8 years, which would be an extraordinary bargain if he's as good as the attention he's getting. It's the waiting game for now, though, as Cespedes needs to establish residency in the Dominican Republic before being declared a free agent by MLB. Until then:

These were in our recent Marlins update, but they're definitely worth a quick read:

  • Marlins Offseason Success Plan: Cespedes or Sizemore? - Fish Stripes
    "I am not currently ready to say that this team is close enough to contention that a Sizemore stab should be considered over an interesting long-term option like Cespedes. Add on the Cuban factor and how interesting that would be for the south Florida fanbase (remember the love that Livan Hernandez got in his early Marlins career?) and it seems like Cespedes would be a significantly better fit."
  • What it will take to sign Cespedes - Joe Frisaro
    "In January of 2010, Chapman signed a six-year deal worth $30.25 million. Cespedes, the source said, could be seeking more than double Chapman’s salary over eight years. Technically, no negotiations can take place until after he is declared a free agent. The Marlins recently traveled to the Dominican Republic to attend a private workout for Cespedes, the 26-year-old who defected from Cuba in the summer."