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NL Central Rumors: Hanrahan, Phillips, Minor Moves, Rosters

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Checking in with the National League Central, where the Pirates and Brewers make several minor league moves, the Cardinals secure their coaching staff, and speculation begins on extensions for Joel Hanrahan and Brandon Phillips:

  • Pirates could explore extending closer Joel Hanrahan - Jenifer Langosch
    "By entertaining offers for Hanrahan, the Pirates could try to address the other holes that must be filled this offseason. The Pirates would only go in this direction, though, if they are also confident that they have a capable option (Evan Meek, perhaps?) who would be able to step in if Hanrahan left."
  • Castellini welcomes changes -
    "Castellini wouldn’t comment on the specifics of talks about an extension for second baseman Brandon Phillips, i.e., is Phillips asking for a contract that fits in the Reds’ budget. 'I can’t comment on that specifically," he said. "But I will say that we do want to sign him. He’s a big plus for our team and he wants to stay. He’s one of our great athletes and great baseball players.'"
  • Pirates Sign Jose Diaz, Drop Cristopher Richardson - Bucs Dugout
    "The Pirates have signed reliever Jose Diaz, probably to pitch at Altoona or thereabouts. He's listed at 6-foot-4, 300 pounds, which means he should be fun to watch for those of you at Blair County Ballpark next summer. He's posted some reasonably good numbers in Class AA, but he's already 27."