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NL West Rumors: Kemp, Hudson, Barlett, Sanchez, Wood, Lincecum

Here's the latest out of the West:

  • Community Projection Rejection: Freddy Sanchez - McCovey Chronicles
    "But the Giants shouldn't expect too much. They shouldn't expect anything, really. They should put Sanchez down for a repeat of last year's 200+ at-bat season, figure out where the offense can really improve, and treat anything more from Sanchez as a welcome surprise. Because if they don't, you're going to wake up one day and read a Giants lineup featuring Yuni Betancourt at short and Manny Burriss at second."
  • Rockies Microwave Oven Heating Up As Brandon Wood Signs Minor League Contract - Purple Row
    "Before anybody flips out about Wood being a terrible excuse for the "big acquisition" the Rockies need to make this offseason, remember that Wood is on a Minor League contract and is really there for AAA depth. That said, he could be one of those absurdly late bloomers and suddenly find that MLB potential that had him and Stewart drafted in the 1st round."
  • Wood signs deal with Rockies - Jenifer Langosch
    "Infielder Brandon Wood, who declared for Minor League free agency after the Pirates removed him from their 40-man roster on Oct. 31, signed a Minor League contract with Colorado on Thursday. Wood spent most of the 2011 season with the Pirates, who claimed him off waivers from the Angels in April."
  • With Lincecum, Giants face choice of two extremes - Ken Rosenthal
    "Lincecum, coming off a two-year, $23 million contract, said he would be comfortable on a one- or two-year contract. The Giants might need to make him a monster offer – one of say, six to eight years – to persuade him to sign a longer deal. [...] The Giants also are trying to reach a new contract agreement with their other premier right-hander, Matt Cain, who is eligible for free agency at the end of next season."