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Free Agency: Type A Compensation Changes.

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We all have heard the change coming for the past few weeks. Compensation for Free Agents who are in the top 20% of their position receive the label of "Type-A" while those are in the 20-40% receive the label "Type B". When a team loses a Type A free agent, they gain a top pick (unless protected by top half of draft) from the new team, plus compensation picks; Type B Free agents are only worth compensation.

FOX Sport's Ken Rosenthal tweeted today that the new rules will now officially take effect next winter. However, some Type A relievers still on the market will not carry Type A value anymore. This is a bit of good news/bad news for the Phillies as they will still receive compensation if Ryan Madson does leave, but they will still be surrendering a pick for signing Jonathan Papelbon.