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Oakland Athletics Willing to Trade Andrew Bailey

Danny Knobler of CBS Sports is reporting that the Oakland Athletics will be interested in trading closer for the right price. The Toronto Blue Jays have been rumored to be interested, as well as the Philadelphia Phillies before they signed Jonathan Papelbon.

The Cincinnati Reds are the team we hear about today, and for a while there was a rumor that Oakland wanted Yonder Alonso in return, but it was later reported that it would cost way too much, and the Reds are more focused on acquiring starting pitcher than a closer.

The Reds still would like to make a move for Bailey if possible, but Alonso would be far too much. Their closer situation is tough with Francisco Cordero likely signing elsewhere this winter, so there is a need there. But they do not want to commit too much to a closer when starting pitching is a much more pressing need.

What do you think? Where will Bailey land?