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Royals Rumors: Chen, Jurrjens, Hosmer, Draft Strategy

Since the Royals traded Melky Cabrera to the Giants in exchange for Jonathan Sanchez, we haven't heard much coming out of Kansas City. Bruce Chen and Jair Jurrjens rumors persist, and there's little question the new CBA rules are making the fans question what was thought to be a settled direction in investing heavily in the draft. Now we'll have to see how long they can hold onto their draft prizes and compete with the bigger markets. Here's the latest:

  • Royals Updates: Chen, Crow, Uniforms -
  • "The Royals plan to offer salary arbitration to Chen prior to Wednesday’s deadline to ensure they receive a compensatory draft pick if their pitcher of the year chooses to sign elsewhere."
  • Aaron Crow believes he could be a fit for KC's rotation; other options include Chen, Mendoza, Teaford, and prospect Montgomery.
  • "The Royals unveiled some minor changes to their alternate home (powder blue) and road uniforms Tuesday morning along with the All-Star Game shoulder patch that will appear on all uniforms."
  • Rany on the Royals: Royals Report Card 2011: Part Two. - Rany Jazyrelli
    "For the season, the entire Royals roster spent a total of 271 days on the Disabled List. That is astounding. And today, not surprisingly, the Royals’ health record earned their training staff the Dick Martin Award."

  • KC Still Pursuing Jurrjens - Jim Bowen
    "KC continue pursuit of Jurrjens but not willing to include Will Myers in deal."

  • Hosmer Will Be A Super Two - Royals Review
    "Super Two status does not affect how the long the Royals have Hosmer under team control, but it means that he will qualify for arbitration four times instead of three, thereby costing the Royals millions in future salary."

  • Give (Labor) Peace A Chance - Royals Authority
    "Last year, the Royals top 10 picks were slotted at $4.8 million. The Royals – powered by the $7.5 million bonus paid to Bubba Starling – powered right through that number. By the time the dust settled, they handed out checks to their top 10 picks totaling $11.4 million. They went over slot by just 249%. If the new system had been in place last summer, the Royals obviously would have received the harshest penalty. They would have forfeited their first round picks in 2012 and 2013 and paid a 100% tax on the overage, which would have amounted to a bill of $6.6 million."