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MLB Hot Stove Analysis & Opinion: Small Markets, Unfairness, Relievers, Outfielders

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That sound you're hearing is the long, slow, collective gasp of baseball fans around the nation realizing exactly what they traded in exchange for guaranteed, uninterrupted baseball. Here's some of the best analysis and opinion from our favorites addressing exactly that:

  • Did a Steinbrenner Write the New CBA? - Dave Cameron
    "Congratulations, Major League Baseball, you just screwed every team that doesn’t have the capability of running out a $100+ million payroll, and you just made winning a lot more about Major League payroll size than anything else. In the name of cost reduction, you just made it even less likely that teams like Tampa Bay or Oakland will be able to build long term winners."
  • The Zen Master And Amateur Baseball Players - Rob Neyer
    "It's been said many times today that the new rules hurt the Royals and the Pirates, who have been spending a great deal of money in the draft in recent years. But what if they can get the same players they've been getting, while spending less money? Doesn't that actually help them?"
  • MLB deal unfair to small market teams - Ken Rosenthal
    "Unfortunately for baseball, low-revenue teams got trampled in its new collective-bargaining agreement, trampled in a way that raises genuine concerns for their future."
  • A Possible Effect on Relievers from the New CBA - FanGraphs Baseball
    "The draft picks are gone from the equation and the scales are wobbling. I expect two actions to occur. Removed from the additional cost of forfeiting a draft pick, salaries for free agent closers will rise. Secondly, with the possible benefit of future compensation gone, teams should offer less in trades for relievers."
  • Dissecting the outfield free agent market - Hardball Times
    "One of the more plentiful position groups in this off-season free agent class is the outfielders. While the group lacks the star power of the first basemen and shortstops, there are plenty of players that will make a positive impact for their 2012 club, and also in the future. Numerous clubs head into the off-season with question marks in the outfield. With that said, let’s break down the available free agent outfielders this off-season."
  • Another Graphic Look at Redefining Most Valuable - Beyond the Box Score
    With the AL MVP award going out today, who was most deserving, and also, what other MVP winners should we take a second look at?