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Orioles Rumors: Chong Tey-Hyon, Prospects, Minor Signings, Duquette

Don't spend too much time thinking about the impact of a potential Chong Tey-Hyon signing by the Orioles, unless you're projecting this as some signal that Dan Duquette is making some amazing change within the club's international approach, which is completely possible. We might see this move wrapped up today:

  • Top 15 Prospects: Baltimore Orioles - FanGraphs Baseball
    "The Baltimore Orioles minor league system definitely lacks depth and the talent starts to erode after the first three prospects on the Top 15 list. With that said, the first two prospects in particular have monster ceilings and could develop into elite players at the MLB level. With a new front office and a new direction, it will be interesting to see what changes are to come for Baltimore’s minor league development system in 2012."
  • What a potential Chong signing really means -
    "Whether he makes it is only part of the plot here. The fact is the Orioles are the team that is on him. And Dan Duquette is the one with the major connection to South Korea. He had connections there when he was in Montreal and Boston, and now his first noteworthy signing will be a guy from South Korea."
  • Orioles sign minor leaguers Tolleson and Socolovich -
    "The Orioles have agreed to minor league deals with right-handed pitcher Miguel Socolovich and right-handed-hitting infielder Steve Tolleson."
  • Monday morning musings.. - Britt's Bird Watch
    "If there’s one thing you can immediately take out of Duquette’s initial presser it’s that the Orioles aren’t going to be overly aggressive in signing high-priced free agents."