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Arbitration Rumors: Brewers, Reds, Cubs & More

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The Art of Arbitration. It is a very risky business, but the reward can be great. On one hand, a team tenders a player for what they think he is worth. If the player rejects and signs elsewhere in free-agency, the team will be rewarded compensation depending on their value. If he accepts, then the team is possibly stuck paying the player that offer. These usually turn out to be very sticky situations, and here is a recent look at what has been unfolding around the league:

Buster Olney reported this morning that the Brewers offered K-Rod arbitration. The figure is somewhere between $13-$14 million for what would essentially be the set up man. Pricey, but in the case he does reject it, they will see another Type A compensation pick come their way, assuming him and Prince Fielder both leave. If you have ESPN Insider, Buster Olney's piece this morning has more information about Raul Ibanez as per his tweet.

Carrie Muskat of reports that the Cubs offered arbitration to Carlos Pena and Aramis Ramirez. I think Carlos Pena is sure to leave town, but I find offering Ramirez arbitration a bit dangerous. Ramirez can easily accept, and they would be stuck with him for another season.

UPDATE: 11:30: The St. Louis Cardinals have offered Edwin Jackson arbitration. Good move as many teams will bid for his services.

Yesterday we learned a winner did actually come out of the new CBA. John Fay writes about how the Cinncinatti Reds will luck out with compensation picks this off season.

If you think that arbitration was hard enough to figure out, here is a Ken Rosenthal piece from the Summer on how some agents were smart enough to include a no arbitration clause in their clients contracts come Free-Agency.