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Astros GM Ed Wade Dismissed; Major Changes to be Announced Monday

UPDATE 11/28 11:31AM ET: Looks like Crane and Postolos will select the new GM before deciding (or revealing) Brad Mills' fate as manager, perhaps to gauge new GM's opinion. (Heyman). In any case, we're expecting quick decisions as Winter Meetings approach.

11/27: Ken Rosenthal is reporting via twitter that Houston Astros General Manager Ed Wade's dismissal will be announced Monday, among other major changes for the team. Also rumored via Rosenthal is the dismissal/resignation of Tal Smith, the Astros' President of baseball operations. The status of clubhouse manager Brad Mills is still unknown.

These moves follow the recent purchase of the team and agreement to move to the team to the American League by Jim Crane, who officially took over last Tuesday and committed to making decisions as early as this weekend, which he has clearly fulfilled. Rosenthal's sources also suggest that Crane and new team president George Postolos plan to meet with each of the team's top executives starting tomorrow.

Crane is getting a late start in the general manager hiring carousel, but this might be a chance for a GM acclimated with the AL to take over before the team officially switches leagues in 2013.

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