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Passan Dishes on Top Free Agents: Pujols, Fielder, Wilson, Buehrle

Jeff Passan's latest has him wondering the same thing we are: why is it so quiet around Albert Pujols? The easy answer is because no team that is actually serious about him wants to set the market like the monster contracts that marred 2006-2007 (See: Soriano, A-Rod, etc). The longer answer is that there just may not be a good landing spot for Pujols, with the Marlins offering less than the Cardinals did at the beginning of the season and the Yankees and Red Sox not needing his services.

However, a team like the Nationals might have the money and the chance to contend, making them an option. Passan also notes that Pujols could end up with the Rangers despite their protests to the contrary.

Other MLB Rumors:

  • The new CBA could push Albert Pujols toward teams that could still spend a bit of money like the Cubs, Angels, Giants, or Dodgers. (but Passan readily dismisses the notion).
  • Following Jim Bowden's earlier suggestion that Prince Fielder could return to the Brewers because of a thin market, Passan notes that Fielder actually has fewer questions surrounding him than Pujols, and is a known quantity. The Cubs are still in play.
  • C.J. Wilson might be the first player that receives a solid offer from Florida that the team can actually afford  -- unless he wants Cliff Lee money. 
  • The Rangers remain "lukewarm" on Wilson and only seem to be interested if the price comes down to something more reasonable. $20M per year for 6 years would be insanity, says Passan.
  • Until Yu Darvish makes a decision, expect Wilson to wait.
  • Mark Buehrle will probably set the pitching market for the rest of the off-season. $60M for 4 years could bring down Wilson's price significantly.
  • There's no guarantee Jimmy Rollins will get the 5 years he wants, but the Phillies might give him 4.