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David Ortiz Wants A Three-Year Deal; Angels, Orioles, Blue Jays Interested

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According to Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald, free agent designated hitter David Ortiz is looking for a three-year deal. According to the report, Ortiz has drawn significant interest from multiple teams. Ortiz intends to allow the Boston Red Sox to match any offer, and both sides still have mutual interest with each other.

Teams connected to Ortiz this off season have been the Red Sox, Anaheim Angels, Baltimore Orioles, Toronto Blue Jays, and the always fun "mystery team". Ortiz, who is a Type A free agent, will cost whoever signs him a draft pick as compensation for the Red Sox, which may make some teams hold back on an attempt to sign him.

He has until December 17th to turn down arbitration, which will put that compensation into affect. If Ortiz accepts the offer of arbitration from the Red Sox, which is highly unlikely, he will return on a one year basis and not cost any team any draft picks.