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Catcher Rumors: Ramon Hernandez Draws Rockies Interest, Angels Looking at Iannetta

If you're a masochist, extremely nerdy, or just a huge baseball fan (which is some combination of the two, I'm told), then you probably already know there are three positions on every team where whoever you have looks lesser than or equal to whatever you might find on the scrap heap: middle reliever, middle infielder, and catcher.

Ignoring relievers and the 4 or 5 quality talents at each, they're all some terrible combination of either/or average talents -- you're either getting a meh bat and a meh glove, or a meh glove and a meh bat. But hey, any spot on the field where .225 is good enough and everyone kinda starts looking alike, unless you trust advanced defensive metrics, and then they only look mostly alike...which brings us to the current round of catcher rumors:

The Rockies are rumored (via Rosenthal) to be interested in Ramon Hernandez and would be moving on from Chris Iannetta. Rosenthal's sources say this could lead to an Iannetta trade to a team like the Angels, where both GM Jerry Dipoto and the team's staff are said to like the Rockies' 6-year catcher. The Angels are also said to be interested in Reds' catcher Ryan Hanigan.

Rosenthal clarifies that it was "just [a] conversation," and it didn't go extremely far, while further noting that neither move is close. We do have some confirmation of the rumor from Troy Renck of the Denver Post, though, as he's also reporting Colorado's interest in Hernandez, while adding that such a move would in fact encourage the team to deal Iannetta. We're keeping this one firmly in the rumors aisle for now, but noting that catchers are much like middle infielders and middle relievers, don't be surprised if we see a bit of movement as the Winter Meetings approach.

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