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Cubs Rumors: Pujols' Agent Contacted by Team; Fielder Speculation, Prospects

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5:02 PM ET: Looks like we may have been on the dot with this one, as Chris DeLuca of the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting of the Cubs and Pujols that, "He is simply not on their radar, no matter what his agent says." This may just be an instance of an agent trying to stir up some interest in his client, as the Cubs are one of the few teams with money and the need for a first baseman.

2:05 PM ET: Following on the heels of a rumor late last night that the Cubs were looking at both Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder is a report by Jerry Crasnick: his sources are confirming that the team has contacted the representatives for Pujols and expressed interest.

Phil Rogers from the Tribune points out that pursuing either might be counter to Epstein's espoused strategy, but it's just as likely that either the agents (I use that term collectively here) have an incentive to gin this one up a bit or the team could be simply driving up the cost. Neither of those theories holds particular weight with me, though, since they'd be driving up costs on their own players in the longer term. I could be wrong.

Links to initial reports, as well as other Cubs news, below the jump.