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White Sox Rumors and News: Buehrle Rumors and Frasor Reactions

Checking in with the White Sox as Mark Buerhle speculation heats up after his third Gold Glove in a row and reactions to exercising Frasor's option pours in (inital read: the South Side ain't pleased):

  • Mark Buehrle wins third consecutive Gold Glove for White Sox - Chicago Sun-Times
    White Sox left-hander Mark Buehrle won his third consecutive American League Gold Glove Award on Tuesday. Buehrle, 32, became the first pitcher in team history to win three and the first Sox player to garner three honors in a row since Robin Ventura (1991-93).
  • Free agency begins in full; Mark Buehrle rumors continue - South Side Sox
    "Three different outlets speculate three different teams having an interest in Buehrle. Doug Padilla thinks the Miami Marlins might use Ozzie Guillen's connections to lure free agency's top remaining lefty (at least if C.J. Wilson can be believed) to Florida. Paul Sullivan thinks the Cubs might have an interest in Buehrle if the price isn't "astronomical," but if the price isn't "astronomical," the White Sox would probably be equally interested. And you have the Nats, too."
  • Your Morning Phil: Reinsdorf, Corgan, Angelos - Chicago Tribune
    The White Sox are holding a signing-day ceremony with five members of their inner-city, elite baseball team who have followed their dream to receive baseball scholarships.
  • Why exercise Jason Frasor's option? - South Side Sox
    The possibility of a trade makes exercising Frasor's option a wait-and-see move. However, if Frasor is here to stay, it's a tone-setting decision regardless of how much Jerry Reinsdorf is willing to spend. It either means the White Sox will be throwing around some capricious cash, or he's making questionable investments with the limited money he's given. With Williams' recent track record, he no longer has the benefit of the doubt.
  • Picking Up Jason Frasor's Option Was Stupid - South Side Sox
    As it happens, picking up Jason Frasor's option is exactly the kind of money wasting acquisition that the Sox have made a specialty of over the years. Sure, it's only one year and how much can it really hurt? It's no Mark Teahen. It's no Scott Linebrink. Or Rios and Dunn, for that matter. The suck involved here is on a less painful level, but it manages to illustrate a number of problems that have come up time and again since the World Series win.