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Cubs Notes: Ricketts on Fielder, Pujols, Pena; Maddux Gone

Quick update out of Chicago, where Cubs Owner Tom Ricketts spoke with reporters on several topics, and Greg Maddux has left the team to join his brother in Texas:

  • Ricketts: Mega-deal decision on Fielder or Pujols up to Epstein - Chicago Tribune
    "Ricketts spoke with reporters about several topics, saying he supports Epstein’s decision to give Carlos Zambrano another chance if Big Z meets certain criteria, that the new collective bargaining agreement will not lead to any change in strategy on the Cubs’ part, and that nothing is new on the Wrigley Field renovation front."
  • Greg Maddux leaving Cubs organization - Chicago Tribune
    "Two weeks ago, the Cubs were courting Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux as a future manager, with the opportunity to work in the same organization as his younger brother, Greg. But Mike pulled out of consideration at the 11th hour, and now Greg is leaving the Cubs to join the Rangers."
  • Hoyer on Maddux, Pena & Z - Muskat Ramblings
    "When you look at Pena, he’s going to have a really big market," Hoyer said. "I don’t think there’s any question about that. You look at the first base market and he stands out as a run producer. He’s likely to receive a multi-year deal and do very well in the market. That’s what drove our decision. People here talked highly about him last year but a lot of the decision was driven by the knowledge that he’ll have a big multi-year market."