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Mark Buerhle Market Heating Up

Widely seen as the second-best free agent pitching option after C.J. Wilson, the speculation on where Mark Buerhle might land is starting to heat up. Ken Rosenthal mentions that Buerhle might be interested in St. Louis and would make a good fit for a number National League clubs, and Buster Olney notes that while Buerhle may not be the young eye-popper that Wilson is, he's consistent and effective.

  • Buerhle keeping options open - Ken Rosenthal
    "Mark Buerhle, coming off his 11th straight 200-inning season, is "wide-open" to any team, according to his agent, Jeff Berry. Buerhle, 32, has spent his entire career with the White Sox, and has spoken in the past about joining the Cardinals, the team closest to his home in St. Charles, Mo."
  • Mark Buehrle could draw significant free-agent interest - Buster Olney
    "C.J. Wilson is younger than Buehrle, throws harder and is coming off a strong regular season, and for those reasons, he is generally perceived to be the most coveted free-agent starter. But Buehrle may well come close to matching Wilson in interest, because of his metronome-like consistency, which is partly built on him doing some small things really well -- his ability to field his position, his ability to shut down a running game."

Comment starter: where do you think Buerhle would be the best fit?