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MLB Trade Rumor Reactions: Lincecum, Cuddyer, Prado, Myers

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This is the part of the Hot Stove where fans start freaking out, and little wonder, since enticing rumors of trading for the league's biggest free-agent names are easily offset by the fears of trading away your brightest prospects and currently better-than-good players.

Should the Giants trade away one of the premier pitchers of the era in Lincecum just because they can't afford him? Should the Royals trade away their brightest prospect, Will Myers, for win-now starting pitching?

Let's check in with the fans around SBN and see what the current reactions are. It's really great insight and thoughtful commentary from some of my favorite writers:

  • Should the Giants trade Tim Linceerrrrrrrrrrrkkkkack - McCovey Chronicles
    "What's unspoken in all of this is that the Giants would have to choose between Lincecum and piles of free-agent treasure because they can't afford both. They can't afford both because they're going to pay Aubrey Huff, Aaron Rowand, and Barry Zito a combined $44M next season. Because of that, they have to make Lincecum's burdensome salary go away before they can get more really good players. "
  • Phillies in Serious Pursuit of Twins IF/OF Michael Cuddyer? - The Good Phight
    "Cuddyer, 32, has a career line of .272/.343/.451, and has the added ability to play several defensive positions, albeit none of them particularly well. If you're looking for an adequate bat to spell Placido Polanco at third base, Cuddyer is probably not your guy -- he hasn't played the position regularly since 2005. Imagine the defensive butchery of a Jimmy Rollins-less infield with Cuddyer and Thome at the corners. Good thing Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, and Cole Hamels rack up the strikeouts."
  • Should the Tigers be interested in Martin Prado? - Bless You Boys
    " doesn't stretch the mind to believe Prado should bounce back in 2012. Can he match his 2010 season? Quite possibly. His numbers were pretty consistent and his average was above .300 in 2008-10. But he does have to change leagues."
  • The Theory and Practice of Trading Wil Myers - Royals Review
    "....So, if the Royals are looking at trading Wil Myers, I'm not going to freak out. I'm going to be nervous, but I'm also going to be excited. Of course, the details matter. I don't think the Royals can contend in 2012, so I don't want a win now trade. On balance, however, I think the idea of Wil Myers is much more attractive than the reality of Wil Myers. I think there's a good trade out there, waiting to be made."