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Baltimore Orioles To Name Dan Duquette General Manager

After a general manager search that became a circus, the Baltimore Orioles have finally found their man. The Orioles will name Dan Duquette their new general manager, as first reported by Jennifer Royle of 105.7 The Fan. Royle adds there will be an announcement tomorrow and press conference on Tuesday (via Twitter).

Duquette, 53, makes a return to baseball after a decade out of the game. The 53-year-old was relieved of his duties following the Red Sox ownership change in 2002, and now makes his return to a Baltimore Orioles organization that needs significant improvements from the bottom-up.

Before being fired, Duquette spent 10 years as a general manager with the Boston Red Sox and Montreal Expos focusing on player development. He's been eager to make a return to the MLB, but will it be a successful tenure?

Perhaps trading for Pedro Martinez for the third time in his career would help bring the organization back from the grave (hat tip Roch Kubatko of