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Rockies Rumors: Carroll, Youkilis, Pavano, Barmes

Let's catch up with the latest coming out of Denver, with Troy Renk fueling Jamey Carroll speculation and some what-if scenarios of the fallout in LA and Boston:

  • Jamey Carroll with Rockies? That's tough choice to make - The Denver Post
    The Rockies have expressed interest in free-agent second baseman Jamey Carroll​. He was a pillar on the 2007 playoff team, and would help with the attitude adjustment that general manager Dan O'Dowd seeks. Carroll is a winning player, unselfish and would fit snugly in the No. 2 spot in the order. The question is, can the Rockies afford a hitter with no power?
  • Could the Rockies pursue a trade for Kevin Youkilis? - WEEI
    "Youkilis is due to make $12 million in the 2012 season and has a $13 million team option for 2013 with a $1 million buyout. reported earlier this offseason that Youkilis is unlikely to be traded. Renck’s sources gave him mixed results on the idea of the Red Sox trading Youkilis."
  • Jamey Carroll Drawing Interest From Rockies - True Blue LA
    "Carroll definitely compares favorably to Infante, but it's important to note that Infante signed for his age 30-31 seasons, while Carroll turns 38 in February. Still, it seems clear Carroll will get a raise from his two-year, $3.85 million contract he signed two years ago."
  • Sunday Rockpile: Rockies "Rising Stars" don't make impression, but Ty Wigginton does - Purple Row
    "...there are finally signs that the Rockies may be moving on from Carl Pavano, looking instead to his teammate Kevin Slowey, as well as the likely more desirable trio of Wandy Rodriguez, Wade Davis and Jon Danks. Slowey, despite not being able to crack the Twins rotation which Pavano has, I feel is a better fit for the Rockies needs than Pavano due to his more likely durability."
  • Pirates Reportedly Could Target Clint Barmes - Bucs Dugout
    "Clint Hurdle managed Barmes in Colorado, so it's possible that Barmes would be the rare veteran who might actually be willing to come to Pittsburgh. Barmes has been a very good defensive shortstop for the past several years, so he'd have the potential to help the Pirates even if he didn't hit much."

Comment Starter: what's the point of Colorado going after Carroll?