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AL Central Rumors: Kauffman Renaming, Cuddyer, Sizemore, Wright

Look at all that wasted advertising space in that green area.
Look at all that wasted advertising space in that green area.

"Wheel of morality, turn turn turn, teach us the lesson we should learn."

"Naming a beloved ballpark after an obscure bank in Arkansas is a terrible idea that will make both the stadium and the bank look terrible."

...and other AL Central rumors:

  • Kauffman Stadium could soon get new name - KSHB NBC
    "The Royals deal is estimated to bring in anywhere from $3 to $6 million a year. Sources say according to the lease, half of the money will go to the Royals, half will go back to the Jackson County taxpayers to pay for stadium maintenance. Sources close to the Royals say the corporation is a bank but they would not confirm which one."
  • Free-agent slugger Jamey Carroll has his eye on the Tigers - The Detroit News
    "Jonathan Maurer, Carroll's agent, said Saturday that he and Carroll were exploring multiple opportunities and overtures that have been extended during a particularly hot off-season market for second basemen." <--wait, is this really Carroll's big chance? Now, at 37?
  • MLB whispers: Michael Cuddyer in line for a big paycheck - The Detroit News
    "The veteran — and versatile — Cuddyer, 32, should draw considerable interest on a market, because he brings pop with the bat and a variety of gloves (he mostly plays right field, but also can play first, third and second). All that has to make him a prime target of the Phillies, who have healthy concerns at first (Ryan Howard) and third (Placido Polanco) and a departing free-agent in the outfield (Raul Ibanez)."
  • Why shouldn't the Indians pick up Sizemore's option? - Paul Hoynes
    "I imagine that the Indians should be able to acquire an outfielder who will be able to play more than 70 games in 2012. In the last three years, that has been Sizemore's average. As for trade value, Sizemore has none because of his injuries."
  • Thome on Cuddyer - Bollinger Beat
    "Former Twins designated hitter Jim Thome is headed to the Phillies on a one-year deal worth $1.25 million, and now there are reports out of Philadelphia that the club is also interested in Michael Cuddyer."
  • Mets, Tigers perfect fit for Wright/Jackson trade? - Bless You Boys
    "In other words, our most valuable chips to them would be our stable of AA and AAA pitching prospects, particularly the lefties. I love Jackson, but we can find another CF just about anywhere. What do you say, folks? Would you trade Jackson + 2 pitching prospects (not named Turner) in exchange for David Wright?"

Comment starter: Is there a single stadium in which the sponsor has actually given it additional personality? I can think of one, which is Busch. Any others?