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New York Update: CJ Wilson, David Wright, Yu Darvish

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Today's New York update includes CJ Wilson speculation, why the Yankees should not pursue Yu Darvish, the Cespedes phenomenon (and Yankees interest in), what it would take to move Wright out of Citi Field, and some finger-wagging at Joel Sherman for making silly Reyes arguments:

  • Please, Avoid Yu Darvish - Pinstripe Alley
    Frankie looks at several reasons the Yankees shouldn't pursue Darvish, but it boils down to "multiple unknowns at a relatively high price." I get the feeling the latter part of that argument isn't the important one.
  • Inbox: C.J. Wilson in Yankees' plans for 2012? -
    "Having locked in CC Sabathia with his new extension removes some of the urgency, though you could see Wilson being the talk of the Winter Meetings in a month. Cashman identified Wilson as the market's top free-agent pitcher, a view shared by many, but that doesn't necessarily mean the Yankees want to shell out an A.J. Burnett-type contract to get him into the rotation."
  • Jose Reyes, Sandy Alderson, And Joel Sherman Walk Into A Bar... - Amazin' Avenue
    "It's also dishonest to baldly assert retroactively that a premise was false, as Sherman does here. Whether or not the Mets have now decided to punt on 2012 and, in so doing, make a clean break from the Reyes-Wright era, it doesn't necessarily follow that they held that same position when they elected not to trade Reyes last July, and a change in that position in no way falsifies what was a perfectly defensible premise at the time (i.e., that keeping Reyes would improve the Mets' chances of re-signing him this offseason)."