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Boston Red Sox In On Carlos Beltran

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Jon Heyman of recently tweeted that the Boston Red Sox were very interested in signing out fielder Carlos Beltran. Boston, who needs a right fielder with JD Drew out, have long been rumored to be interested in the former New York Met.

This past  July there were rumors of them trading for Beltran at the trade deadline, but in the end the San Francisco Giants gave up top prospect Zach Wheeler for their much needed power hitting outfielder. Now this off season, with the trade for Melky Cabrera, there is not a need for Beltran in San Fran.

This opens the door for the Red Sox, who Heyman says an executive told him that he expected Boston to sign him to a two year deal. As of right now, the Boston right fielders are Josh Reddick and Ryan Kalish, both young rookies who have not proven to take the load of a full MLB season.

Beltran put up a WAR of 8.7 last season between the Mets and Giants and battled injuries throughout the season. However, he did hit .300 overall with an OBP of .385 and a wOBA of .389. A switch hitter, some have speculated that he would hit pretty good at Fenway Park. The last time he played in the American League was 2004, with the Kansas City Royals.

Keep watching MLB Daily Dish as more is learned about this potential possibility.