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Marlins Rumors: Logan Morrison Off-Limits?

One of the more interesting names that's been bounced around in trade speculation lately is Florida Marlins left fielder Logan Morrison, and for good reason. He's the rare young hitter that gets on base and hits for power, and he's frequently quarreled with Marlins management over his outspoken nature and major Twitter presence.

But that's about the only reasoning that we have behind a possible Morrison trade, and now Jon Heyman reports word from one executive that the Marlins have made Morrison "off-limits" in trade discussion. The executive added that the Marlins might be willing to discuss Morrison in a deal for Rays starter James Shields, which is presumably just speculation given that he'd be an awfully nice fit in Tampa's lineup.

Another reason that the Marlins could trade Morrison is that, quite frankly, he's stretched defensively in left field. His real position is first base, the spot he occupied primarily in the minors, but Gaby Sanchez's presence forced him to move to the outfield.