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Red Sox Rumors: Cespedes, Alomar Jr, Bell, Buchholz

Checking in with Boston Red Sox rumors and news:

  • Theo's Enduring Legacy - Over the Monster
    "So, yes, Theo is gone. We can all mourn his passing to the National League. But the team he's handed off to Ben Cherington is primed to win a whole lot of games over the next few seasons. In our sorrow over recent events, we maybe forget that. But we shouldn't. Instead, we should thank Theo. Maybe as a gift, the Sox can bring along a nice butt kicking with them when the Red Sox visit Chicago next June."
  • Red Sox had interest in Jonathan Sanchez but weren’t a match - WEEI
    "According to a major league source, the Red Sox had some interest in Giants left-hander Jonathan Sanchez before he was dealt to the Royals for outfielder Melky Cabrera. Boston and San Francisco did not match up as trade partners, however, given the Giants’ interest in acquiring an everyday major league outfielder in return."
  • Will Clay Buchholz be ready for next season? -
    "Buchholz should be back to full strength by Spring Training. He's going to have the opportunity to have a good winter of strengthening and rehab. If he does enough core work this winter, he can probably avoid this being a long-term issue. I think the loss of Buchholz from June 15 on was one of the most overlooked aspects of why things fell apart. The Red Sox simply could never find a way to replace him."
  • Red Sox keep ticket prices the same - Extra Bases - Red Sox blog
    "In the wake of the September collapse and the subsequent fallout, the Red Sox probably had little choice but to keep ticket prices the same and that's what they did."