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Philadelphia Phillies Determined to Sign Jonathan Papelbon or Ryan Madson

Getty Images's Jon Heymansays that the Philadelphia Phillies are "determined" to sign either Ryan Madson or Jonathan Papelbon to be their closer. Madson, of course, was a Phillie last season and Papelbon was a member of the Boston Red Sox.

According to Heyman, the Phillies like the similar styles to Papelbon's and Madson's approaches. Both are agressive and intense closers. Madson took over as the Phillies closer in 2010 when their current closer, Brad Lidge, had struggled since returning from injury.

Papelbon has been the Red Sox closer since 2006 and helped lead them to a World Series in 2007. The Red Sox have Daniel Bard to potentially replace Papelbon, but in such a large market for closers this off season, there has been some rumored interested in free agent San Diego Padres closer Heath Bell.

The Red Sox are also interested in Madson, Heyman said yesterday, making the Phillies and Red Sox both interested in the same people for the position.