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MLB Leftovers: Papelbon, Rangers, Marlins, Cubs, Padres

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So far, so good. Willie Ballgame has reportedly re-signed with the Diamondbacks and no final news yet on whether the Madson/Philly deal will go through, though Troy Renk does point out that it's a market-setter and could be the starting point at which Papelbon negotiations begin:

  • @TroyRenck:
    "If Ryan Madson can get 4 years, $44-million, Papelbon could be looking at 4-year,$56 million as a free agent"

If you love good, sober analysis and a thorough take-down of a national expert by a team-specific expert, you'll love this rebuke of Rosenthal's Rangers recommendations by Lone Star Ball:

  • Rosenthal: Rangers should sign everyone - Lone Star Ball
    "When you've got the options the Rangers have, why spend $10 million plus per year for multiple years signing a Jonathan Papelbon or a Heath Bell? What's the point? If you want to spend money for the sake of spending money, spend money locking up someone like Elvis Andrus long-term, not on a closer."

Other MLB happenings: