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Teams Looking To Make Moves This Offseason

Early on this offseason, here is a list of teams that are making noise early on the free agent market and are ready to strike:

Florida Marlins: With a new manager in place in Ozzie Guillen, arguably the one they wanted for several years, and a new stadium set to open up in Miami, the Marlins are beginning to look like the hot destination after all. No more closing the upper deck and halting ticket sales for certain parts of the stadium, the new stadium will be tailored to the city, the fans, but most importantly, the Marlins. 

Targets: Jose Reyes, Carlos Zambrano, Aramis Ramirez, Mark Buehrle, Yoenis Cespedes

Milwaukee Brewers: The Brewers will have to make up for Prince Fielder if he signs elsewhere, but they also have their sights set on shortstop Jose Reyes, among other infielders, and another starting pitcher. They are coming off an excellent season and are in a good place to continue to blossom into a division leader. 

Targets: C.J. Wilson, Jose Reyes, Clint Barmes, Chris Capuano 

Toronto Blue Jays: You have to think that if multiple Blue Jays executives rejected jobs and interviews for GM elsewhere, that they have something in the works up north and will look to take advantage of whatever opportunity comes their way. The Blue Jays are looking for an experienced closer, but also have room on the infield for an addition and could even add another reserve outfielder.

Targets: Jon Rauch, Heath Bell, Kosuke Fukudome, Reed Johnson, Clint Barmes, Kelly Johnson, Yoenis Cespedes

Chicago Cubs: While some may think that the Cubs' biggest offseason moves have been the addition of Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer, and Co. to the staff, you can bet the Cubs are priming to make a big move. While they have options at the corner infield, both spots are up for grabs and could be filled by internal or external players. The Cubs will also look for pitching, especially after posting one of the worst  years for the pitching staff in memory. They may not be as far off as they seem, but they definitely need a lot of work and will be looking to do that over the next few months.

Targets: C.J. Wilson, Prince Fielder, Zach Duke, Jose Lopez


On a rather large side marks the 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the beginning MLBDD. It is hard to believe how far the site has come and how the readership has grown and continues to grow. Thank you for that! - ELI