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AL East Rumors: Jurrjens, Jackson, Cashman, Friedman

Checking in with the East:

  • Could Toronto Move On Jurrjens? -
    "Atlanta is seeking relatively inexpensive options in the outfield as part of any trade for Prado or Jurrjens, and that's one reason why the Blue Jays could be a fit. There isn't room on the 25-man roster for both Eric Thames and Travis Snider, so one of the two could become available this offseason. Toronto also has one of the deepest Minor League systems in baseball to work out a possible deal if the club believes the price is appropriate."
  • Cashman Says It's Still Too Early for Dealing -
    "This roster isn’t perfect by any stretch," Cashman said. "We’re proud of the 97 wins last year, but not that we didn’t go the whole distance. So I’ve got to look any which way possible."
  • Q&A With Rays Executive Vice President Andrew Friedman - DRaysBay
    "There are a lot of different factors that go into the long-term deals we sign, and it can be a complex process. But first, there are a couple of things that have to be in place. First, the player has to feel that it's right for him. The security of that first long-term contract is something that almost no player ever regrets, but it's an individual decision. Second, we need to feel good about the player, and the person, in whom we're investing. Character, work ethic and competitive drive are important to us and a long-term guarantee on our part represents our confidence in those attributes."
  • The Orioles Big Need: Depth? - Camden Chat
    "Just who exactly are we talking about here? On the pitching side: Mark Worrell, Mitch Atkins, Rick Vanden Hurk, Pedro Viola, and Jo-Jo Reyes. These five guys represent the entirety of the lack of quality pitching depth on the 2011 Orioles."
  • Yankees Starting Pitching - Target #4: Edwin Jackson - Pinstripe Alley
    "Since 2007, Jackson has started at least 32 games per season and has quietly racked up the innings over the past three years with 623.0. He often pitches into the seventh inning, which is more than acceptable from a guy that isn't necessarily a #1 or #2 starter."