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Wednesday Link Roundup

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Wednesday was not a busy day on the books, but there were plenty of reports out there for potential moves to be made, moves that will not be made, and moves that will build on rosters for hopes of returning to the playoffs. 

Baseball America's Matt Eddy reported some minor league signings today, including the Astros picking up RF Travis Buck who spent last season between the Indians AAA affiliate and major league rosters.

As our own Marisa Ingemi discussed earlier today, the Diamondbacks re-signed free agent Willie Bloomquist to a deal today. Nick Piecoro says he also had an offer from the Giants worth more.

Ken Rosenthal notes on ESPN that Arizona may shift its focus now to pitching on the free agency market. One of those targets is believed to be Hiroki Kuroda who was rumored to be on the move at last summers trade deadline. Jon Heyman believes however that if Kuroda stays in the States, he will stay with the Dodgers.

Satchel Paige discussed earlier how the fallout of the Phillies/Madson deal may play out for others teams. I can see the Red Sox jumping in this deal too as an alternative to the closer role or set up man to Bard, assuming Papelbon walks. The Texas Rangers may want to throw an offer in if C.J. Wilson goes elsewhere in free agency and Neftali Feliz is finally converted into a starter.

Finally, staying with Boston, Jim Bowden has a very interesting take on what he sees for Carl Crawford's 2012 season. Our Julian Levine has the some insight on the story.