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Minor Deals: Beau Jones, Travis Buck, Daryl Jones

As Matt Eddy of Baseball America tweets, minor-league free agent signing season is finally here. According to Eddy, the Marlins have signed LHP Beau Jones, the Astros have signed RF Travis Buck, and the Reds have signed LF Daryl Jones.

Beau Jones, 25, has a career 3.98 ERA in the minors, but has consistently posted quality strikeout rates (9.1 K/9).

Travis Buck, on the other hand, is 27, and has had some extensive playing time in the majors. Both Jones and Buck were drafted as first-round picks in the 2005 MLB draft. Buck is one of three Astros minor-league signings thus far -- they've also signed RHPs Adalberto Flores and Jose Valdez.

Daryl Jones was also drafted that year (in round three). He's 24, and has a career .724 OPS in the minors. 

In addition, via @Maas_Haas, the Brewers have signed a couple minor-league free agents as well: 31-year-old catcher Patrick Arlis, and 24-year-old shortstop Juan Sanchez.