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Jim Bowden thinks Carl Crawford could be traded to the Cubs

In Jim Bowden's latest video, he talks about who he thinks has the best chance to rebound in 2012: Jayson Werth, Adam Dunn, or Carl Crawford?

Bowden's answer is that Crawford has the best chance to bounce back, and he says that he thinks by the July 31st trade deadline, the Red Sox will send Carl Crawford to the Chicago Cubs to play left field. He notes that Sox owner John Henry didn't want to sign Crawford in the first place, and that Cubs GM Theo Epstein still thinks that Crawford is going to be the player that he handed a seven-year $142MM deal.

Crawford, 30, has had a fine career thus far, having already amassed 37 wins above replacement. He's coming off a disappointing season in which he hit .255/.289/.405, but it's very likely that he'll perform better next season.

A trade like this would certainly come as a big surprise, especially considering that current Red Sox GM Ben Cherrington has already said he believes Crawford will have a huge rebound in 2012. Cherrington made it clear in his introductory press conference that he wants Crawford.