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Marlins Plan To Offer Jose Reyes A Contract

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The Marlins are prepared to do more than their due diligence with free agent Jose Reyes. Less than a week after contacting Jose Reyes' agent, the free agent shortstop spent the day in Miami, touring the new ballpark and dining with the Marlins' meet and greet team.

According to the New York Daily News, the club plans "to offer Reyes only a three-year deal at a high annual average, presumably more than $20 million a year." It is unknown if the club has already sent out an offer. 

While that offer likely won't be enough to sign Reyes, at least this early in the free agency process, it won't be the Marlins' last offer, reports Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post. Reyes would be seeking more years, with a similar annual salary.

The Marlins would then move Hanley Ramirez, the club's current shortstop, to third base if the team was able to bring in Reyes.