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Three Teams In on Heath Bell, Including Marlins

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports is reporting via tweet that three teams are interested in San Diego Padres free agent closer Heath Bell, one of them being the Miami Marlins.

Rosenthal also cites Jayson Stark of ESPN and Jon Heyman of as also reporting this news. While there are three teams interested, it seems like the Marlins are making the hardest push, and we do not know who the other two teams are yet.

Some of the speculated teams have been the Anaheim Angels and Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox lost their closer in Jonathan Papelbon this off season, as he signed with the Philadelphia Phillies. The Red Sox have been linked to Bell for a long time, and a few weeks ago Bell himself mentioned that he would love to play with Adrian Gonzalez again, the Red Sox fist baseman.

The Padres have already offered Bell a two year deal but he turned it down. Where do you think he will end up?