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Mets Notes: Bailey, Rauch, Lidge, Hudson, Reyes, CBA Impact

Seems like it's been a while since we've heard anything out of the Mets, then BAM, Bailey rumors, Rauch and Lidge rumors, and the impending doom that is the Jose Reyes departure all kinda sneak back up and hit us in the face. Here's the latest:

  • NY Mets free agent Jose Reyes spotted making rounds to other cities - NY Daily News
    "The Mets do not consider themselves dead in the Reyes sweepstakes. The team continues to believe it will have an opportunity to make an offer before Reyes signs elsewhere."
  • Bailey draws interest from Mets - Adam Rubin
    "Oakland closer Andrew Bailey, who is from New Jersey and attended Wagner College, is intriguing to the Mets, according to the Post. However, the report adds, the A's seek young outfield help, and there is unlikely to be a match with the Mets."
  • Report: Mets tell Posada no - Adam Rubin
    " reports Posada inquired with the Mets about any possible interest and was told the Amazin's were looking for a defensive-oriented catcher to pair with Thole."
  • New York Mets intensify search for relief pitcher - NY Daily News
    "Across the league, agents who had not heard from the Mets before last week’s GM meetings noted that the team has been more active of late. 'I have no doubt that Sandy will bring in the right (closer),' said one agent. 'They are going in the right direction.'" << well that explains that. The Mets started actually doing something, now we're hearing about it.