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Brewers Freak Out Time: Braun Reactions, Aramis Ramirez Rumors

In the shadow of change occurring with the Chicago Cubs (Epstein represents hope, I think) and the rise and fall of emotion in St. Louis (first by winning the World Series, then by losing Pujols) is a club in Milwaukee quickly coming to terms with its own future -- and a long accepted reality in which they would no longer have Prince Fielder (not so quick!).

Now add to this uncertain off-season reports that National League MVP Ryan Braun has tested positive for a banned substance (but not PEDs!) and suddenly we're staring down the barrel of an off-season that presents more questions than answers. Right now we're still seeing rumors of talks about Aramis Ramirez and persisting speculation that Prince Fielder's market might bring him back to Milwaukee, and just a little reaction to the unfortunate Braun news:

  • Twitter / @Jon_Heyman: #brewers are talking to ar ...
    #brewers are talking to aramis ramirez at present. natural fit right now. but is prince still possible?
  • Braun guilty of hurting game but should remain MVP - Jeff Passan
    "The likelihood of a player’s drug use aligning with a random test is tiny. Certainly PEDs aren’t as prevalent in baseball as they once were, but the idea that so few positive tests indicate their riddance is naive. The last two players busted were a just-crowned MVP and one of the best hitters ever, Manny Ramirez. And you want to tell me other superstars, let alone utilitymen looking to keep their major league jobs, aren’t doping? They’re just not getting caught."
  • On Ryan Braun Testing Positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs - Brew Crew Ball
    Reaction to reports that Ryan Braun tested positive << I get uncomfortable when attention turns to the messenger, but the emotion in this piece is both palpable and worth reading, and a perfect example of how SB Nation is changing the face of sports media.


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