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Poll: Which Player's Image would PED Allegations Hurt the Most?

Taking a step back from rumors to satisfy a question that's been on my mind for the past few days. Indulge me for a moment...

Following the Ryan Braun not-PED allegations, it strikes me that there might be a handful of guys that are both equally nice and/or talented where such allegations would hurt both their accomplishments and their character. That immediately disqualifies players you already hate as much as it disqualifies players where it would only be embarrassing that PEDs couldn't improve their game above the Mendoza line, as well as really small, tiny players where it would only kinda embarrass us for making fun of them.

Who's that leave? Well Albert Pujols is obvious, both because of his stature among the greatest ever and because he seems to be a generally likable, harmless personality. Josh Hamilton has his detractors (they're the same guys that hate Tim Tebow, I've noticed), but I think a positive test would be pretty damaging. Prince Fielder seems pretty fluffy and cool, at least from here, and with that build, if he's taking PEDs we're all in trouble. Then there's Cap'n Jeter, where PED allegations would be utterly devastating, not unlike finding out Tiger Woods sleeps with regular waitresses or DiCaprio is capable of starring in a bad film or Jerry Seinfeld isn't funny without Larry David.

What do you think?


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