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Chicago Cubs Front Runner for Prince Fielder

Getty Images

The Prince Fielder to the Cubs rumors were heating up yesterday, and today they are on fire. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports is reporting now that the Cubs are the front runners to land the services of the former Milwaukee Brewers first baseman.

The Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers are also still in on Fielder, but it seems like Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer and Co are serious about getting Fielder to join the Cubs. However, they will not give him a ten year deal and would prefer a six or seven year agreement.

If Fielder loses some of these options, Rosenthal reports that the Baltimore Orioles may be interested in joining the fray, so long as they do not have to outbid any other clubs. One thing holding up some of the deals is that his agent, Scott Boras, is looking for an opt out clause in the deal, and he would prefer a ten year deal like the one Albert Pujols got.


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