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Phillies to Sign Jimmy Rollins

According to Jerry Cransick of ESPN, the Philadelphia Phillies will re sign short stop Jimmy Rollins to a three year deal with a fourth year vesting option. The terms of the deal are not yet known.

It had been reported earlier in the month that it looked like Rollins would be staying in the city of brotherly love, but then some things came up to stall his imminent signing. The Phillies really had no other options for short stop, and there was not a ton of interest out there for Rollins. It only made sense for both sides to come to an agreement.

Rollins had a bit of a down season in 2011, but he will have to step up in a season in which the Phillies will not have Ryan Howard. The Phils were really the only team that had an interest in signing the shortstop.

Stay tuned to MLB Daily Dish for more on this deal and many others.


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