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How Does the Yonder Alonso Trade Affect Anthony Rizzo?

Yesterday, the San Diego Padres traded their left handed pitcher Mat Latos to the Cincinnati Reds. In return, along with a slew of prospects, the Padres received first baseman Yonder Alonso. Alonso was blocked in Cincinnati by former NL MVP Joey Votto at first base, so it was not surprising that he got traded.

The Padres had first base woes last season, and need someone for this season, so getting Alonso makes sense. Except, they have top first base prospect Anthony Rizzo in their minor league system. Rizzo was acquired by the Padres from the Boston Red Sox for Adrian Gonzalez. Rizzo, while he destroyed the Pacific Coast League, struggled in his time in the big leagues.

Rizzo was then sent back down to AAA to rip it up. However, is Rizzo now blocked by Alonso? Jim Bowden from ESPN tweeted today that the Chicago Cubs want Rizzo, and the Padres want Matt Garza. Remember, Cubs GM Jed Hoyer is the former Padres GM, and Cubs president Theo Epstein is the former Red Sox GM.

Jon Heyman from CBS Sports speculates that the Tampa Bay Rays might have some interest, without a real first baseman in place. He says they might offer Wade Davis. As a 22 year old player, the Padres do not have to trade him right away, but they could get some value for him now.

What do you think? Should the Padres trade Rizzo?