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Padres Interested in Matt Garza - Willing to Undo Latos Gains?

Interesting rumors coming from Jim Bowden: the San Diego Padres are supposedly interested in Matt Garza and would potentially be willing to trade Anthony Rizzo (among others) to get him. The overwhelming reaction so far has been, "...then why trade Latos away?" Good question.

  • Twitter / @JimBowdenESPNxm - "Padres have interest in a package deal with the primary trade pieces being Anthony Rizzo and Matt Garza...should be interesting in Cubs view"
  • 12/18 Could Rizzo be 1B of future? - Muskat Ramblings
    "The problem with a Padres-Cubs deal involving Garza is that the right-hander is under team control for two more years, and if the Cubs were to move him, they’d expect a lot in return — similar to what the Reds gave up to get Latos. Epstein has said Garza is the type of pitcher to build around."
  • Twitter / @pgammo - "That the Reds and Jays went to the end on Latos testament to trying to win w/ great player, Votto, Bautista. Garza-SD unlikely, now."
  • Twitter / @Kevin_Goldstein - "So Padres would trade Latos for a bunch of prospects, and then trade a bunch of prospects for Garza. Think about that."


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