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AL Central Rumors: Danks, Cespedes, Capuano, Cuddyer

Here's the latest out of the American League Central, where we're hearing further confirmation that the White Sox are willing/trying to move John Danks, the Twins are trying to keep Cuddyer and looking at Capuano, and Indians fans are considering CBA scouting ramifications:

  • Sox GM Ken Williams dangling John Danks - Chicago Sun-Times
    "Several major-league sources, as well as a Sox source, confirmed to the Sun-Times that Williams has been shopping Danks as next week’s winter meetings draw closer. The Sox are set to move the left-handed starter rather than have him go through one last year of arbitration, then free agency."
  • Tigers weighing pursuit of Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes - The Detroit News
    "The Tigers are sticking to past statements they can afford only so many $20 million players. And that's two, which means Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander have filled their high-end quota. Cespedes, however, could have his impending bonanza spread over multiple years. And that could give the Tigers wiggle room to invest in a star sure to be sought by deeper-pocketed teams such as the Yankees and Red Sox."
  • Twins Looking At Capuano - @LaVelleNeal
    Twins are Interested in lefty Chris Capuano, who was with the Mets last year. Great pickoff move. Has had two Tommy John surgeries.