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Rangers Notes: Fielder, Purpura, Teagarden

Quick update on the Texas Rangers, where they just hired Tim Purpura as the farm director and Fielder speculation grows. Sounds like the Orioles weren't the only one in on Teagarden, too:

  • Could Moreland surgery prompt Prince pursuit? - Jon Paul Morosi
    "The Rangers have interest in Fielder, sources say, but CEO/president Nolan Ryan downplayed the possibility of signing Fielder or Albert Pujols for seven or eight years in an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram earlier this offseason. Sources describe Fielder as not high on the Rangers’ priority list, citing a more pressing need to upgrade the rotation and bullpen."
  • Rangers hire Tim Purpura as farm director - Lone Star Ball
    "Purpura has strong ties with Nolan Ryan, and as I've mentioned before, this seems to be a bit of a shift in terms of the front office dynamics...Jon Daniels, after the 2009 season, made some changes that resulted in the main guys in the baseball operations of the front office being "his" guys."