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Rockies Rumors: Stewart, Oswalt, Millwood, Francis, Tanaka

As Troy Renck of The Denver Post notes, the rumors we're hearing right now are all extremely fluid. He suggest that the Rockies/Cubs potential trade of Ian Stewart in exchange for Blake DeWitt is either not enough or not really what they need. Also, the team remains on the hunt for a veteran starter:

  • Rockies' Stewart on trade block, but DeWitt not right fit - The Denver Post
    Colorado is looking for more than a utlity player, DeWitt not enough for Stewart.
  • Stewart will be non-tendered, resulting in low-ball offers.
  • Rox no longer in the Roy Oswalt sweepstakes, but looking at other veterans like Kevin Millwood and Jeff Francis.
  • Positive news on Juan Nicasio and Jorge De La Rosa are decreasing the urgency to find starters.

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