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CJ Wilson & Mark Buehrle Rumors: Florida Marlins and Washinton Nationals In Pursuit

We have known for quite some time now that the Free Agent market would be thin on Starting Pitchers. Today we learned that two NL East teams are boosting their pursuit of the best two Free Agent Pitchers on the market, CJ Wilson and Mark Buerhle.

Apparently feeling comfortable with their lineup, Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated reported tonight that the Nationals are making CJ Wilson their top target. CJ Wilson has been reportedly looking for something in the 6 year, $120 million range.

Alhough the Nationals are pushing hard for Wilson, Jim Bowden of ESPN reports that they would be content signing Mark Buehrle as well. The Nationals however, are not the only team in pursuit of Buehrle.

The Florida Marlins have been pushing hard for Buehrle's services as well as FOX Sport's Ken Rosenthal reports, but talks are hitting a snag because the club refuses to put a No-Trade clause in the deal. This could create a bidding war between the rivals for CJ Wilson.

Who would you rather have on your roster?