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The Post-Darvish Free Agency Domino Effect

Tonight we learned that the Texas Rangers won the bidding process for Yu Darvish. At a gaudy $51.7 million dollars, they now have 30 days to negotiate with the Japanese Starter. For what could top out at roughly $100-$120 million, the Rangers are all but done with this year's free agent market.

However, the Chicago Cubs, Toronto Blue Jays, and many others are still in the hunt. Here is a look at how some moves may fall into place in the final days of 2011:

As discussed earlier, the Nationals are pushing hard for Oakland ace Gio Gonzalez. Although Oakland's price has been high for some, Oakland does have a need for an OF. With low cost options such as Mike Cameron and Grady Sizemore off the table, does Oakland dare to acquire a big name bat, possibly Jayson Werth from the Nationals in exchange for Gio Gonzalez?

If so, where does that leave the Nationals? Could they be the team that makes the play for Cuban defector Yoenis Caspedes? Or will the Chicago Cubs finally clear cap room by shipping off Alfonso Soriano to make room for an OF or cap room for Prince Fielder?

Do the Toronto Blue Jays use the money we all thought they would spend on Darvish to lure Fielder north of the border to team up with Joey Bats?

The Boston Red Sox still need a closer, do they call up the Athletics to send over Josh Reddick for Andrew Bailey?

Where does Carlos Beltran land? Do the Yankees finally dump the contract of AJ Burnett and go after free agents Edwin Jackson/Roy Oswalt/Hiroki Kuroda.

Darvish was just the first domino, but he's a big one. Where do the rest fall? Stay right here with MLB Daily Dish to find out.