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Andrew Bailey Rumors: Rangers, Red Sox

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Andrew Bailey is the most coveted closing pitcher on the market right now, here are some rumors to see what the teams are up to today.

  • Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reports that the Texas Rangers have expressed interest in Bailey. It is nothing new as we know, but they might be upping their pursuit for the Oakland righty. The Rangers pursuit, however, might be affected by the thirty day negotiating window with Yu Darvish. It is said that in the past they balked at the asking price for Bailey, but are hoping that it has gone down.
  • Rosenthal mentions that the Rangers could make do without Bailey, as they have Mike Adams and Neftali Feliz returning, they signed Joe Nathan and they may move Alex Ogando back to the pen.
  • Rosenthal also mentions that despite trading for Mark Melancon of the Houston Astros, the Red Sox remain serious contenders for Bailey if they will give up what it takes to acquire him.