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Kanas City Royals: Betancourt, Mijares, Terrible Moves

I'm going to keep the intro short because I know me, and I know I can't be civil when it comes to terrible Royals decisions. So here are some Royals updates, and a soul-crushing, heart-stomping realization that GM Dayton Moore still doesn't get it -- or he DOES get it...and doesn't care:

  • Royals pick up lefty reliever Jose Mijares -
    "The Royals crossed another item off their offseason checklist on Wednesday, signing left-handed reliever Jose Mijares to a one-year deal worth $925,000. The announcement came just one day after the club spent $2 million to re-acquire veteran infielder Yuniesky Betancourt to fill a utility role. And with the 40-man roster now full, it could potentially be the last significant addition of the offseason."
  • The complicated existence of Yuniesky Betancourt | Don't Kill the Mellinger
    A good writer, Mellinger, makes a terrible argument that the Betancourt signing isn't a horrible signing for the Royals -- completely missing the fact that Yuni makes the team worse simply by being on the roster (because of negative value). Can't win 'em all, Sam. This one really isn't defensible.