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Mets Notes: David Wright, Rob Johnson, Leadoff, Angst

It's been a tough off-season for the Mets, what with Reyes skipping town, seeing Beltran move around the NL, and the general dis-ease of the organization still looming overhead. So there's little wonder Mets fans might wonder if David Wright is the next to go. Troy Renck is reporting that he believes the team will hold him at least until next summer's trade deadline, but Matt Cerrone suggests the Mets move now:

  • Twitter / @TroyRenck - "My understanding that mets will hold onto wright until trading deadline"
  • The Mets will hold on to Wright until Trade Deadline -
    "This Wright-Trade stuff is going to dominate the summer storyline, just like Jose Reyes did last year. This is why, if he’s hitting well and in a good place and the team is interested in keeping him long term, I’d like to see the Mets sign Wright to an extension before the end of next year. Or, at the very least, do it one year from now and make his option part of the new contract."
  • Twitter / @AdamRubinESPN - "Mets sign catcher Rob Johnson to minor league deal"