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Cody Ross to the Colorado Rockies?

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Buster Olney of ESPN is tweeting that the Colorado Rockies are very interested in free agent outfielder Cody Ross. Reportedly, they are in contract talks though it is not clear how deep they are or how long they have been talking.

Olney says that the move would be a depth move, and it is unknown how much playing time Ross would really get. Olney suggests the move is in preparation for the imminent trade of platoon right fielder Seth Smith, and Ross will more than likely take over his role.

The Rockies have already signed Michael Cuddyer this off season, so he will be the right fielder on paper as of right now. Earlier this month the Rox expressed interest in Ross, but not a lot because he would not except a two year deal offering. He is currently looking for a three year deal, but it looks like that will not come, and now he will likely have to drop his price.